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Sunday, November 06, 2005

cansa shavathon

Peace Be upon you.

On Saturday, 5th nov, CANSA (cancer association, South Africa) held their annual shavathon where they attempted to raise up to R8million toward facilitating home-based care for cancer patients and cervical cancer research. (check out their website at Http:// The idea was a simple one, you could go to anywhere they were based (at almost all mojor shopping centres) and either have your hair shaved or coloured in some groovy colour. Check the pic and guess which one i opted for :)

I got many bedazzled, amused and hillarious responses when people saw me (including "So they finally found the person who stole your lawnmower"), but a more important question was "why not just colour your hair-it washes off the next day and you have such nice hair (check my older pic)?" So i just thought i would share my 2cent reasoning why i opted for the shave and how it has affected my life in anyway (to many this may not sound such a big deal, but to me it is. My hair is an integral part of me-like a handbag to a women or paintbrush to an artist).

As most people know, many cancer patients undergo chemotherapy which unfortunately leads to hair loss. Not all cancer patients but a significant amount. Also, statistics show that at least 1 in 4 South Africans can become a cancer statistic at some point in time. The idea of colouring your hair or shaving it is a way of raising this awareness and also showing the millions affected directly or indirectly that they are not alone in their battle and the world is here to lend support - not only financially but in any way we can - even if it sometimes can only be by a small gesture.

Externally, that was my intention - to show support. The reason i opted to rather shave my hair had internal motives. Firstly, as i mentioned above, i love my hair and would not in my right mind shave it-that made me think of the people undergoing chemotherapy and how they might feel (although they have many bigger problems to think about), especially women with long beautiful hair that took them ages to grow, and how would they be looked at in society, all the stares and comments and questions. Secondly, as a Muslim, we should be concerned permanantly about peoples' suffering. Often i end up being more wound up with my personal issues that i really do not think much of these people. Now, everytime i look in the mirror (which with a vain person like myself ends up being like a gazillion times a day) i think of these peoples' suffering, apreciate the life i have and also think of them in my prayers.

Overall, i reckon it was a good experience, will i do it again? who knows, not anytime soon though (at least not till i can run fingers through my hair without getting poked) and i reckon i looked way better with hair on, on the upside though, everytime i look in the mirror or feel my head, i get that sense of some self-contentment that comes with doing something good plus now i save on gel and haircuts for next couple of months (Dont be suprised if some Pakistani hair salons in Fordsburg begin closing).

lemme know what you think!


  • At 12:07 AM, Blogger saaleha said…

    kewl!! though you do look alot like one of those white supremacist guys from OZ (a browner version)

  • At 4:59 AM, Anonymous samina said…

    hehe!from long, to alhamdulillah-what-a-nice-boy decent to all gone.
    well done!

  • At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Slmz Brother

    Long time man.
    What ever happen to our adventure on an ocean liner. Travelling the world, going where no indian man has gone before.

    Anyway, you look like you doing well. Nice blog by the way.

    I got to run, my washing is waiting for me.

    All the best



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