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Monday, February 06, 2006

picture this

Peace be upon you

I must begin this with my sincerest apologies, to both my Blog enthusiasts (yeah all three of you) and to the not so enthusiastic peeps who love giving me entertainment for the weeks to come but keep the discussion good and my hits high. I was hectically busy these past few weeks, well not really, it’s just that I’ve been pulling many hours at work and my boss is not too impressed by me being too much on the net. Added to that I don’t really know why I just been so damn lazy to update but there are few hot postings on the way so please tell me you guys haven’t forgotten about poor old me.

Why I decided to write this piece, well, honestly, this whole cartoon fiasco just seems way too good to let slip by. And I know you all are going to hate me for my take on it but like all the papers around the world have come to realize with the same immoral attention seeking as I suffer from-ALL PUBLICITY IS GOOD PUBLICITY. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE DUMBASS MUSLIMS OPEN THEIR MOUTHS.

Here’s my reality, I haven’t posted something on my blog for a while and everybody has nicely forgotten about me so what do I do to make a damn good comeback-I say something that will have all you immature freaks and “mature protestors” up in arms again and whoo-hoo Riyaadh’s back in the game!!! (especially if someone says boycott this blog, and then gives the url ( that’s like leaving a Playboy magazine on a 16 year-old boys’ bed with a note saying: “don’t look at this” )

Now for the crux of the issue-some editor or hotshot of some unknown paper in the middle of some weird European country decides to ask for cartoons depicting the Prophet (SAW). His/her/their reasoning - possibly because this subject matter wasn’t covered before and he/she/they thought “lets do something new”. Or possibly because he/she/they hate all Muslims and have declared a total war against Islam because Satan (the free masons/ jews/ shias/ west/ youth/ women/ whatever-else-tickles-your-fancy) was whispering some freaky stuff in their ears. Or the more real reality, they needed some publicity and knew they would get a real kick out of the Muslims.

A few weeks down the line, Denmark is being mentioned more than America in news bulletins, the Jyllands-Posten has probably become one of the most talked about news-papers in the world and I am betting news paper sales have soared beyond unthinkable heights over the last few weeks with every major media company that has decided to run a similar story.

And why? Because Muslims are up in arms about a few little drawings. My question is this: “Is Islam, and our beloved leader Muhammed (SAW) so weak and so pathetic that it needs our protection and can be affected by ink on a page?” above that, those drawings were tasteless, tactless and absuredly rude and disrespectful. Why are we even entertaining it? Can’t we just write a few letters and show the idiots that did this that we do not find humour in it, we are hurt but not mildly harmed by it and we are Muslims and we do not stoop to such lows.

Not that I am saying it is entirely wrong for Muslims to try and exert pressure on governments and whatever else, it is part of the whole freedom of speech crap yadda yadda yadda, but I’m simply asking “Is it tactful for us to do free advertising for fools?”

As far as bad taste cartoons depicting Prophets and other great leaders go, there have always been, just do a Google search for “Jesus cartoon”. Why have we never protested against this or other such depictions, are they not also Prophets of Islam? What messed up methodology are we using? And here’s another thought, Muhammed was not only a Prophet but also a political might, have any political figures ever not been tastelessly mocked at-at least with many others there were flaws to play on-in this case it is playing on the flaws and stupidity of the Muslims-now there’s a bottomless pot of inspiration.

I say we say, in a mature sense, as some youth called their protest at the Danish Embassy in South Africa, that yes there is freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to think what they may but we all know the great undying and unaffected truth of the greatest person to walk the Earth. We are too big for this and we are now going to ignore this childish mockery and go save a few million kids dying of malnutrition each year and go help a few million people living with Aids and go try and improve the lives of humanity while you draw pretty little pictures that are tasteless and face it, without us running your publicity campaign no-one would read your bullsh1t paper!